Children Safe Christmas Tree

Want to keep your toddlers away from the real Christmas Tree this year? Why not buy them a tree of their own!
A TREE OF THEIR VERY OWN! This 3D standing felt Christmas tree is large enough for kids of all ages to enjoy and decorate this Christmas.
TREE STANDS ON IT’S OWN! Your tree is stable & collapsible, safe & sturdy, and a simple open-ended toy allows children to actively use their imaginations.
ALTERNATIVE CHRISTMAS TREE FOR TODDLERS! Our brilliant toddler-friendly Christmas trees will distract your little ones from playing with the real tree.
DIY TIME-AND-TIME AGAIN! This cone-shaped tree made of green felt is actually perfect for little hands to decorate and undecorate over and over throughout the season. Children play DIY themselves,they can stay away from the Christmas tree at home and avoid the trouble of breaking the Christmas tree pendant.
PARENT-CHILD RELATIONSHIP BUILDING ACTIVITY! Also for the whole family to ring in the holiday season with this sweet addition to your home. Or for a Christmas morning surprise.

  • $10.19Product cost
  • $24.99Suggested selling price
  • $14.80Profit margin
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