Cat Scratching Ball Toy

🐱Say Goodbye To Scratched Furniture🐱
Cats are extremely lovable but they can be frustrating too especially when they leave scratch marks everywhere, your shoes, clothes, and your expensive furniture.
Here’s a unique solution that both you and your cat will love!
Introducing the Cat Scratching Ball which can be used for grinding a cat’s claws and teeth.
It is an attractive and functional scratching surface for cats. Made with woven sisal rope wrapped around a sturdy sphere with a wood stand, this scratcher gives the kitty plenty of surfaces to dig her claws into.
It is a cute partner to release your cat’s boredom and attention so that your furniture can be scratch-free, as it’s supposed to be!
The Cat Scratching Ball is not only good for your cat’s scratching needs – but it will also benefit your cat overall as it allows your feline friend to be able to effectively exercise, easily and safely, and stimulate their mind. This fun & interactive toy can entertain even the laziest cat.
With the Cat Scratching Ball, you can be guaranteed your cat will grow active, and healthy.
🐾Transforms Your Cat’s Life (And Yours!) – This quality-made, super cute scratcher helps prevent the cat from scratching and damaging furniture and other things at home. This will also pair perfectly in every room of your house.
🐾Sustainable Fun – The Cat Scratching Ball provides hours of interactive fun to your feline pet. It keeps the cat away from boredom and keeps your furry friend having fun all day long.
🐾Perfect Entertainment – durable woven sisal rope made to stand the toughest claw, paw, and scratches. No flimsy fabric or chenille.
🐾Stable Scratcher – The wooden base and the fact that the scratching posts are securely fixed on both ends allow the structure to be stable when your cat uses it for its nails.
🐾Healthy & Happy Feline Friend – The Cat Scratching Ball encourages activity to help improve physical and mental health.

  • $12.29Product cost
  • $29.99Suggested selling price
  • $17.70Profit margin
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