Car Wash Mop and Cleaner

Keep your car shiny, clean, and brand new without spending too much time and money with the help of our Car Wash Mop and Cleaner.

Remove dust, dirt, water, and rain marks off your automobile in seconds! Cleaning with our Car Wash Mop and Cleaner can make your car a head-turner!

Great for Cleaning the Car’s Interior and Exterior
Tired of dust-dulling your car’s luster? With just a few wipes, you can bring back your car’s previous shine!

AutoSleek’s huge microfiber mop can wipe away dust with just a few strokes! Cleans five times faster than regular-sized mops. AutoSleeks™ is ideal for busy car owners.

The Car Wash Mop and Cleaner is not just for cleaning. Use this mop for multiple car cleaning maintenance including drying, waxing, and polishing.

Is your car battered by the rain? Just use the Car Wash Mop and Cleaner to dry the marks off quickly! Is your car needing some extra shine? With just one tool, you get so many cleaning benefits!

Safe and Convenient
AutoSleek’s sturdy, adjustable handles allow you to clean hard-to-reach areas without exerting too much effort. This microfiber mat can help you enjoy damage-free, scratch-free cleaning!

Easy to store and carry, you can place it inside your trunk so you can make your car spotless each day.

  • $7.52Product cost
  • $29.95Suggested selling price
  • $22.43Profit margin
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