The Brake Caliper Tool makes changing your brake quick easy! Save your time energy while on the job, andincrease your productivity. The Brake Caliper Tool allows you to repair your brakes professionally – with less time and effort!
EASILY RESET YOUR BRAKE CALIPERS PISTONS The Brake Caliper Tool compresses pistons quickly and easily into the calipers. The tool creates a larger space between the caliper cavity to make room for newer, thicker brake pads. It also comes pre-lubricated to protect against oxidation!
WORK SMARTER INCREASEPRODUCTIVITY Save time increase your productivity during auto repair!The Brake Caliper Toolturnschanging your brakes into an effortless process.
✓Material:Carbon Steel
✓Dimensions:8.1×4.56 x 2.1 inche
✓Package Includes: (1) Brake Caliper Tool (2) Piston Plates
VERSATILE, FOUR-IN-ONE TOOL Includes 2 sets of piston plates that spread from 1-9/16 to 2-3/8 inches, creating plenty of room to install new brake pads.
Can be used as a single piston caliper tool, a dual piston caliper tool, a quad piston caliper tool, and a rear brake caliper tool! This versatile caliper piston compressor is ideal for cars, trucks, and some commercial vehicles.
RELIABLE, TOUGH BUILT TO LAST Constructedfrom carbon steel, the Brake Caliper Tool isdesigned for maximum strength and durability. The rugged and robust build of theCaliper Tool allows it to withstand use in anygarage, job siteor project.
Make changing your brakes quick easy with the Brake Caliper Tool!

  • $18.80Product cost
  • $39.99Suggested selling price
  • $21.19Profit margin
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