BELUPAID Toy Balls for Toddler

It Can Dance and Sing, and Kids Will Love It.
This product has a built-in vibration component, so when you slap it, it will automatically vibrate, and colleagues will attract the attention of children. It can be called a child ’s artifact, if you need it, you can make it

There are a variety of styles that cartoon is lovely and cute with 3D dazzling eyes.
It can talk, jump, sing, take apart wash, and each bounce will last 30 seconds.
Function: This recording toy can play children’s songs, can also be recorded, can also be used as a plush toy, electric jumping ball, children can use them at any time, happy games, externally wrapped with plush cloth, children will love it.
Safe and high-quality materials: It is made of environmentally friendly plastic, safety, non-toxic, durable and without color is healthy and completely safe for baby.
The zipper can be removed from the back when the high quality material is finished.
Amazing Gift idea: Perfect for playtime. Adorable & hilariously fun. Whether it’s a Birthday, Holiday Gift, or even one to yourself.
Pattern: Stuffed pig jump ball
Occasion: Christmas, Holiday, Birthday
Material: Plush and plastic

  • $14.94Product cost
  • $28.94Suggested selling price
  • $14.00Profit margin
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