Air Conditioning Universal Wind Deflector

Product Description

Air conditioning air deflector is used for protecting family health by balancing the temperature environment, avoid direct cold air to bring discomfort to the body. Suitable for all types of air conditioners.

Powerful Wind Guide: Easy to diffuse guide wind direction prevents cold air blows directly to the human body.
Adjustable: Avoids the inconvenience caused by a direct blow cold air and cold air conditioning, headache, Knee Pain, etc.
Anti Direct Blowing: You can freely adjust the windshield angle to change the wind direction, avoid blowing straight,remote control signal is not blocked.
Four Seasons Universal: Can be adjusted freely to change the air-conditioner wind direction. It is convenient for both summer and winter to enjoy cool and warm air respectively.
Tip: Winter is recommended to guide the wind downwards, which is conducive to warm and cold flow, and the indoor air circulation is more comfortable. Summer upward wind guide is recommended.


Weight: Approx 720g.
Style: As shown in the color list, optional.
Size: 128 x 30cm (The length 128cm is adjustable).
Material: ABS + PP + Stainless Steel Screw + Oxford.

Package Include:

1 x Air Conditioning Universal Wind Deflector.

  • $22.95Product cost
  • $45.99Suggested selling price
  • $23.04Profit margin
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