FIX YOUR LEATHER AND VINYL LIKE A PRO The Advanced Leather Repair Gel is here to help repair scratches, tears, cracks, burn holes, or rips and make your expensive leather armchair look as good as new! BRING IT BACK TO LIFE! Repair car seats, office chairs, furniture, bags, jackets, and shoes like a pro. Our Advanced Leather Repair Gel is adaptable to any leather surface and color. The gel offers a more vibrant tint and a clean finish. Once dried, you can’t tell the difference! FEATURES: SUPER EASY RESTORATION EASILY AND QUICKLY REPAIR holes, tears, and scratches on any color leather and vinyl. EXCELLENT FIX For the best finish that matches any color car seats, shoes, couches, office chair, belt, bag, purse. EXTRA COMPOUND Patch up LARGE AREAS, NO patches, paint, glue, dye, tape, putty needed. PROFESSIONAL RESULTS On new or old leatherette, faux, synthetic, bicast, PU, or premium upholstery. HOW TO USE: Clean area and apply the repair gel evenly Let it dry or use a blow dryer Done SPECIFICATIONS: Weight: 20g Color: Black, Blue, Chocolate Brown, Tan, Burgundy, Red, White, Yellow, Gray, Beige PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 x Advanced Leather Repair Gel

  • $1.73Product cost
  • $17.97Suggested selling price
  • $16.24Profit margin
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