12pcs Self Threading Needles

We can all relate to the struggle of threading a needle. But don’t let it keep you from your crafts or DIY sewing projects! Our self-threading needles make it easy to get it right every time.
Simply run the thread along the side of the needle and into the small gap in the eye it’s that quick! This system is perfect for the elderly! Especially great for beginners!
This sewing needle is suitable for leather, denim, silk, canvas, cotton cloth and so on, which is the ideal choice for the elderly family.
12pcs hand sewing needles, steel, and nickel-plated with the distributor (clear top).
It is small and exquisite with good steel property.
It is good at making fine manual work.
All kinds of steel needles meet different manual needs.
Suitable for the greatest works of embroidery, sewing, quilting, darning, etc ..
Color: Gold / Silver
Quantity: 12pcs / set, 42mm, 38mm and 50mm, each is 4pcs
Material: high carbon steel + needle tail gold imitation electroplating
Package Includes:
Self-threading Needle * 12

  • $2.96Product cost
  • $15.96Suggested selling price
  • $13.00Profit margin
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